Arroyo Heights

 I took advantage of the sunshine this weekend to take some photos for my Neighborhoods page on my website. In the Arroyo Neighborhood I couldn't help myself.  I took some shots of great Mid-Century homes. Enjoy! Click the photo below to scroll through.

My Favorite Place to Play is the RE Store

I'm not even kidding!  This was one of the first places I brought my folks on their most recent trip to Seattle. The RE Store sells used building materials, and much more.  They also have classes on restoration or re-purposing building materials into cool pieces of furniture.  It's like a real life dream board being able to see the authentically perfect little Mid-Century touches available for the home at the RE Store.  Check out these great drawer pulls! 

Retro Drawer Pulls.jpg

They get such great stuff because they are also a salvage company. Adam found a desk for my office on our last trip to the RE Store it was only $40 and was a bit banged up on top, it took him one afternoon to sand it down a bit and refinish it. It is now a fantastic piece of Mid-Century furniture!  Adam said it best "I didn't even know we needed a desk until I saw what a great deal it was."



Check out the RE Store if you are doing a Mid-Century Remodel or just take a look around some time they have all vintages from Victorian to Modern.  Don't miss the two friendly store cats.