Selling a home is one of the more momentous events in a lifetime. Research and care can make the transaction go smoothly. There are many questions that arise for a homeowner preparing to sell their home.  Should they stage the home?  What will staging cost and what are the benefits?  What are the market conditions?  What is the best pricing strategy?  How long will the sale take?  I can help the sellers I work with to answer all of these questions.  

Upon request I am now offering my Sellers free consultations regarding improvements that add significant value vs. those improvements that might be costly but not add significant value based on current market trends! Contact me today!  

I am a full service agent, I don't just advise what steps should be taken I help to get each and every step done, so every listing is ready to come on the market with the strongest marketing for a quick sale. I'm happy to provide a list of past clients that I worked with upon request or at our first face to face meeting.

Contact me today to schedule your complimentary comparative market analysis of your home. As part of the free analysis I tour your home and evaluate its condition and unique features, I then compare it to other like homes that have recently sold in the area or are currently on the market.  At the end of the analysis I will be able to create a customized comparative market analysis with a current market value for your home and provide you a copy that you will be able to keep.