NSP Program

Neighborhood Stabalization Program

The NSP program provided HUD funds to Cities and Counties around the State to use in cooperation with non-profit developers. The developers used the funds to buy discount foreclosed homes direct from banks and rehab them for sale to moderate income home buyers for owner occupancy.  

The NSP program works to provide nice, affordable single family homes in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and helps neighborhoods turn vacant often blighted foreclosures into owner occupied communities.

The NSP program homes can be a great alternative to owning a Below Market Rate (BMR) home.

For more information on NSP program income limits, locating NSP homes, or the qualification process you can click the links below: 

Alameda County NSP For-Sale Program Information

HomeHub.com for available NSP Homes in the neighborhoods you are looking

Contact me here with questions.

Hayward NSP Home After Photo

Hayward NSP Home After Photo